Product & Services

Our scope of business includes retail and piped LPG supply and delivery, LPG logistics management services, gas engineering for maintenance and installation, gas appliance retail and wholesale business, and household engineering.
Commercial Stove

We are equipped with a wide range of stoves & facilities, hence, we cater for all your needs, including the design & installation of gas pipes, commercial stoves & other related projects.
Patio Heater

  • Heat Range: Up to 20 foot diameter
  • Cordless, powered by propane grill cylinder, provide up to 40,000 BTUs of heat
  • Safe, economical and easy to use
  • Made by stainless steel with safety switch
Mosquito Exterminator

  • Effective at attracting, trapping and killing a wide variety of biting insects
  • Cordless, powered by propane grill cylinder
  • Coverage: 1.2 Acre
  • High CO2 output at rating 35000 cc/hr
Retail Sales

Retail Sales of LPG Gas Cylinder, Gas Cooker & Water Heater (Domestic & Commercial) Service network throughout HK, agent for all gas cylinders & retail of various gas cookers for households & commercial use.
LPG Pipework for village Houses

  • Rich experience & delicate craftsmanship
  • Outdoor & indoor gas pipe engineering
  • On site consultation & quotation, professional advice, after sale services & maintenance